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Unfortunately, it seems we need to put this article here, because we have a fake review posted about our company, and feel you would want to know the truth, and would want to know when a fake review site was trying to manipulate you. If you are reading this, it's probably because you saw the fake review too.

The website Ripoff Report is actually an illegitimate, fake "consumer review" website designed to look like a 'trusted' consumer website. They manipulate their links to get them ranked in the top of google search results so you 'believe' it is true, when in fact it isn't. They make money through advertising - so they want people to click those links, because then they may click on other ads, making them money. They get links ranked first by making it sound 'scandalous', so people 'have' to click on it ('clickbait'). The more clicks they get, the higher the link ranks, until eventually it is either first, or in the top listings. They use the "company name" + keywords like "scam", "report", "review", "complaint", in the title so you click on it to read more.

If you ask to get a fake link removed, Ripoff report will attempt to extort those companies by charging them $2,000/month for a "good" review (under the guise of "mediation" services). I suppose in some ways, you haven't really made it as a company unless you have a "fake" review written about you through RipOffreport. I suppose you could call it a 'badge of honor' to have made the list. But it's important for you to know the truth.

Here are some legitimate review sites that talk about how Ripoff Report permits fake reviews. (You can do your own research simply by googling 'ripoffreport' - one word - in the regular search results, and then also use the 'news' tab of google to see what legitimate companies say about it):

So bottomline, the content you see there is not to be trusted, because it could have been written by a competitor trying to trash talk someone, or someone maliciously trying to harm a company. Now, since Ripoff Report is designed to "push down" any good items, and only promote negative stuff (unless you pay $2,000+/month for their "mediation" services), chances are you'd never read the good stuff countering the fake review.

So, if you've read this post this far, and are interested in the facts about the fake review that was posted, basically:

He then makes a bunch of false and/or misleading, inaccurate claims. Getting to the point, and sharing the facts:

Bottomline, Sweepstakes Ninja is an EXCELLENT service.

Send us an e-mail, we'd love to hear from you. We can also provide links to legitimate reviews for you if you wish, so you can make an informed decision. Thank-you for reading this!