Sweepstakes Ninja Free Trial Download

Hi. If you found this page, it's probably because you googled 'sweepstakes ninja free trial'. You probably also saw the slander site Ripoff Report, where a fake review was posted (it happens). So - we needed to put up this info page to answer your questions.

Getting to the point (FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD) + how to get $100 bonus membership

First off - here is the link to the free trial. The software is regularly $29/month. However, you can get it for free by using the following link. There is however an activation fee ($7) - because that covers what our payment processor charges us for processing it + support charges, (otherwise we'd lose money simply by activating it for free). Afterwards, if you wish to continue - it will be $29/month. Incredible value, considering what you get. (Assuming you know that already, because you searched for 'free trial'. If you don't - then please read the info on the main sweepstakes ninja site, and/or see our online forums).

So please click here to get the free sweepstakes ninja trial

After activating, if you like - (since you did the base activation) - we can add one of other memberships on top of it at 25% off (i.e., the MILLIONAIRES! or CAPTCHA membership, no additional activate fee required), so you can try that out for a month to see if you like it. Both of the memberships are worth $100/month each, and add a lot of super-high value sweepstakes that people have won from (i.e., $3,000-$5,000 vacations, $10,000+ cash prizes, etc, etc).

Just contact us after you've activated your license - and we'll send you the link to get your discount for that. Please also note, this is only available if you've never tried out Sweepstakes Ninja before. (We have to put that in, because otherwise we have some people that want to get a 'perpetually' free license).

Second Point - the fake ripoff report & how to find the REAL wins

It's amazing how society has become reliant on reviews before making a decision. Most people also automatically believe whatever appears in google 'must' be true, because it is in google. Some companies take advantage of that - and manipulate search engine rankings so they appear first in google. RipoffReport is one of those sites. They don't care about slandering a company - as long as they make money from ad revenue, i.e., you clicking on their links. And that's precisely what happened here.

Anyways, instead of bore you with details about how fake they are (simply google "ripoff report" and you'll see hundreds and hundreds of complaints about that company) - please visit the sweepstakes ninja forums here http://www.sweepstakesninjaforums.com/viewforum.php?f=11 to see some of the winning stories shared by members.

It is a small group of users - and of those users, we find only a small number share wins. Recently 40+ people won for a specific sweepstakes, and only 2 people posted/shared the win, so that can give you an idea of the post to win ratio. And we know about the 40+, simply because we regularly look at winners lists and match them against members to make sure our software is working 100% correctly. There are still lots of posts - just realize there are actually a lot more winners than what is listed there.

If you want a list of the bigger wins - contact us - simply because you might have to sort through a lot of links to find them (its easier to find smaller wins as opposed to $10k cash wins, obviously because there are many more smaller prizes available than bigger prizes), and some members requested to keep their wins private. (They don't mind sharing, they just didn't want it on a public forum because they were afraid other people might get jealous - which, in this hobby - if you have a big win, does happen).

If you have any other questions, definitely let us know! Looking forward to welcoming you as a member!

Here is the link again, in case you missed it, to get the free trial. Enjoy!