Sweepstakes Ninja Scam | FAKE RIPOFF SCAM REPORT

Ripoff Report is a fake scam site that gets negative reviews on companies, then attempts to extort those companies for money. The Ripoff Report "review" you are currently seeing in google is a fake review designed to negatively affect Sweepstakes Ninja, and an attempt to harm our business.

Simply do a google search, then a google news search for "Ripoff Report", and you will see hundreds and hundreds of complaints against Ripoff Report. Major companies like Forbes in their news articles talk about how Ripoff Report extorts companies for money, and so forth.

For example, doing a quick search yields these results as a sample:

If you read the fake scam review that was posted on Sweepstakes Ninja, essentially:

This is the truth about Sweepstakes Ninja:

Sweepstakes Ninja is an EXCELLENT service.

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