Sweepstakes Ninja review details, and how the scam site Ripoff Report manipulates search engine results, to deliberately tarnish reputations in an attempt to extort money from companies. (Search for 'ripoff report' and you'll see hundreds and hundreds of complaints about that site, which are true, genuine reviews.) Read this entire report for details.

To see what true reviews people have had about sweepstakes ninja, visit the winners section of the sweepstakes ninja forums by clicking here: Sweepstakes Ninja Reviews (http://www.sweepstakesninjaforums.com/viewforum.php?f=11) Usually only a small percentage of people report wins, and here you'll see 1000's of reported wins.

Ripoff Report is a fake 'review' site, designed to look like a 'trusted' review site. Simply search for "ripoff report" by itself, and you will see hundreds and hundreds of complaints about the site. (Since you obviously have found this page by searching for sweepstakes ninja review). Sweepstakes Ninja is a fantastic service, that that site is trying to tarnish its reputation.

RipoffReport manipulates titles in search engine titles to make it sound 'scandalous' to manipulate you into clicking it. (What's also called 'clickbait'). If you click on it, you might click their ads, making them money - so they do everything they can to make those links appear first in google, and other search engines. Simply because more clicks = more money. Do your own research (google 'ripoffreport'), and you'll see many listings of people upset with the fake reviews that are posted. So, you can't trust anything your read on ripoff report.

We had a fake review written about us by someone who threatened to write a fake review, unless he got free service. (He was a member, liked the service, but just didn't want to pay for it). Obviously, we didn't give it to him for free, and if you are reading this, chances are you read the fake review that he wrote.

The fake Ripoff Report of the Sweepstakes Ninja review was posted by a previous user using the pseudonym tnikte who won a bunch of prizes with Sweepstakes Ninja, but then got nasty because he wanted to use the Sweepstakes Ninja service without paying for it, and then threatened to post slanderous content, which he did. He then started making a bunch of fraudulent claims, to try and further slander and harm the business, because he couldn't get his way.

Unfortunately, Ripoff Report allows users to post fake reviews without any verification whatsoever. The site makes its money by using something called 'clickbait' - which simply means the more you click on something in a search engine, the higher it gets ranked. The higher it gets ranked, the more people are likely to 'believe' it 'must' be true - simply because it is in Google, and the more they click on it. This user knew that, and abused it deliberately trying to harm our business. We have e-mail proof that we will happily send to anyone who requests it. It is a viscous cycle. Ripoff Report encourages fake reports by pushing down any 'positive' content - and promoting negative content at the top of their 'reviews'. Ripoff report does not like anything that contradicts negative reports - so will actually use the words "redacted" content (or simply not post) if a company posts a rebuttal, and they don't like it. Ripoff Report will also attempt to 'extort' money from companies harmed by charging them $2,000 USD + a monthly fee, for a "positive" review.

So. Addressing the points in the fake Sweepstakes Ninja review made by that user tnikte:

a) For the record - the author tnikte of the fake report DID win $100's of prizes. He just didn't want to pay for the service, so got really nasty. He 'forgets' to mention that, but instead tries to slander the company. Write us - and we'll show you the winners lists which he 'neglects' to mention.

b) 1000's of people HAVE won from using Sweepstakes Ninja. You can visit the website forum where 1000's of different users LOVE Sweepstakes Ninja (sweepstakesninjaforums.com). Sweepstakes Ninja speeds things up considerably. You push a button, and can enter between 300-1000 daily sweepstakes (depending which services you sign up for). Also - scroll past the one fake 'negative' review - and you'll see other reviews from people who do like it. They are on the 2nd, 3rd and + pages of Google (buried underneath the fake review).

c) Companies DO like Sweepstakes Ninja - simply because we promote them, and help them succeed. The purpose of a sweepstakes is to raise awareness of a product, and while companies do collect e-mail addresses to send you newsletters, they also give you a chance of winning prizes.

d) When companies talk about "automation" - they generally are talking about people who circumvent rules by abusing the entry frequencies, or finding 'holes' in the system to give them an unfair advantage. I.e., entering 10,000x for a one time sweepstakes, or erasing other people's entries, etc. They usually are NEVER talking about "speeding up" the entry process - i.e., the repetitive task of entering your name over, and over, and over - simply to get an entry. Sweepstakes Ninja simply speeds up the entry process making it easier for you to win by saving you time. So instead of it taking you 5 hours to type your name 300 times, for 300 different sweepstakes - you push a button one time, and get entered in 5 minutes. You still see 'company ads', you still get e-mail confirmations, etc - which companies want - that's why they offer the sweepstakes. So it's a win-win - for both you AND the company.

e) tnikte made a bunch of fake, unfounded 'claims'. The software DOES have big prizes, in addition to smaller prizes. While there are books, and DVDs, there are also vacation packages, $5,000-$10,000 cash prizes, plus much more. Some are present in the basic membership, but more are available in additional memberships (which are a lot of work for us to maintain, hence the separate memberships, and unfortunately people don't work for free. It's VERY time consuming - so we save you that time). These include the millionaires membership, and the captcha membership. But we've had people using BOTH these memberships for YEARS - because they WIN.

f) Look at page 2 and page 3 of google (where honest reviews have been shoved down & hidden) - and you will see reviews from actual REAL people who have their own websites who love the product. Some are blog reviews, others are reviews of people who have won. They just simply didn't use clickbait, which is why they don't rank 1st in google. But then you'll see & know.

Bottomline, Sweepstakes Ninja is an EXCELLENT service. If you've read it this far, send us an e-mail and we'll send you a coupon for 75% off any of the services for to try out fully for an entire month, and see for yourself how great it is.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this true report.