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Learn how to increase your chances of winning more Sweepstakes!

This guide shows you how!

It designed to help you significantly increase your chances of winning online sweepstakes and contests. More fun, more friends, in less time, with less effort. This guide is good for both online and offline sweepstakes.

IMPORTANT: It also contains tips & strategies that not everyone knows or would think of

Here is what some people have already said who purchased it:

"I bought and read your manual and I have to say it was totally worth the $10.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into sweeping.  I have been doing this hobby since about mid August.  I have a bunch of instant wins but no "grand prize" type of wins yet.  But I keep entering sweeps every day and your manual gave me the encouragement I need to keep going.  So thanks for that!"

"I just ordered, so looking forward to reading your strategy guide, If it's anything like Sweepstakes Ninja, it's gonna rock... just waiting for Avangate to send me link to download.. Thanks!"

Learn the following:
  • Online Sweepstakes - How to Increase your Chances of Winning More, More often! Step by step instructions of steps you can take to increase your chances of winning.
  • How to increase your chances of winning in-store sweepstakes! Includes bonus tips not published in articles.
  • How you can get companies to offer more sweepstakes in the future. Gives you a bit of an insight as to why companies offer sweepstakes, and how actually having 'more' people enter a sweepstakes can actually increase your chances in the long-term. PLUS -- contains a 'bonus' tip on how you can actually get a company to want to send you a product for FREE -- without you actually having to actually win anything!
  • Useful Sweepstaking Resources - NEVER seen before content! This is a collection of resources that I have personally found that can help you win more sweepstakes. It includes a list of website forums you can access, specialized 'sweepstakes' eco-systems, some of the bigger name sweepstakers, plus other style sweepstakes.

Some of the other major benefits of getting this guide include the following:

  • Easy to print and use. While some of the content is similar to articles published on this site, this guide comes to you in a downloadable .pdf format, so you can easily print it and read it at your leisure. Then, you can use it for easy reference, post it on your wall, have it beside you while you enter sweepstakes, or share it with friends and family that are important to you.
  • Resources Section. There is a list of resources to other prize websites where you can find daily prizes, some of the major sweepstaking forums
  • Unlimited Access to Updates! Periodically I may update the resources section in this guide, as I find more resources.When I will do, you will have instant access to it when I update it.

Click here to get the
Strategy Guide Now for only $10!

So, anyways, it is great value, and I've designed it to help you get the maximum benefit out of sweepstaking! So what are you waiting for?