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This is how Sweepstakes Ninja helps you as a company. New happy customers, more qualified website traffic, increased long term profits, and increased customer loyalty.

Sweepstakes Ninja is a win-win situation for both companies and sweepstakers alike. Sweepstakers love the software because it is fun and easy to use. Plus, we are always adding new goodies and specials for them to give them the best experience possible. As of this writing, there have been almost 70 new versions of the software, based on user feedback and new development. And they win, which is what they love -- and talk about the company. Companies, such as yours when listed, benefit from massive word of mouth advertising, goodwill, and increased long term sales and customer loyalty from users using Sweepstakes Ninja.

Here are a only a few ways in which Sweepstakes Ninja is beneficial to you as a company:

  • Cost Effective (Free) Advertising! Why pay for expensive advertising, when you can be listed in Sweepstakes Ninja and get immediate access to thousands of users for free? With its growing userbase every day, you reach potential customers that you would not otherwise be able to do so through expensive advertising. Sweepstakes Ninja clearly lists the name and type of promotion of every company that is supported, and encourages users to visit the company's website, and take a look at their products and services.

  • Immediate Increase in Exposure to people you would be unable to reach otherwise. When someone wins, Sweepstakes Ninja promotes your company and company name, and publicly thanks you through website forums, partner websites, and other forms of media. We believe that great companies should be rewarded greatly, and do our best to ensure that those great companies receive recognition for their efforts. We have regularly had users tell us that they were introduced to great companies that they had never heard of before using this software.

  • Increase in long term sales! Pyschologists know that branding and familiarity is important when consumers go to make a purchase decision. We want good companies to benefit from this. When you are listed, users see your company name every time the user runs the software. Many run it daily. Consumers are bombarded by thousands of advertisements daily. Television, newspaper, radio, the internet, and so forth. Most have learned to ignore it. However, when using the software, it is a captive audience. You are offering something fun, a prize, a sweepstakes -- so they want to learn who you are. This is the first step to building an excellent relationship with your business. When the consumer learns and then trusts your business; when they finally go to make a purchase, the decision is easy. The trustworthy company gets the business. In times when consumers are increasingly wary of how to spend their hard earned dollars, it is important that you as a company have something that sets from the pack. Branding, trust and loyalty are excellent ways of doing this, and Sweepstakes Ninja helps you with that.

  • Qualified Leads! Sweepstakers choose the prizes they are interested in. So they are pre-qualifying themselves to your company! Therefore, you know that people signing up for your Sweepstakes and your newsletters are interested in what you have to offer. Providing you give them excellent service and a wonderful experience, they are much more likely to purchase from you in the future as opposed to a competitor of yours. Other services don't do this. But Sweepstakes Ninja does.

  • Eliminate Spam Entries! Unfortunately some individuals or services try to spam entries with entries. In fact, some companies in the past had to rewrite their rules because of abuse. Sweepstakes Ninja works with companies to ensure that entries are only submitted according to the frequencies in the rules that they specify. Plus, companies get the added benefit of users regularly seeing their name every day when they use the software. Where else can you get that kind of advertising, let alone, for free?

  • Plus much, much more!

What makes Sweepstakes Ninja special, and how is it different from "other" services?

(a) Sweepstakes Ninja is designed to be a 'win-win' situation for both Sweepstakers and the Companies/Sponsors sponsoring the Sweepstakes. Sweepstakes Ninja of course, wants to make the Sweepstaker's life easier, which is does. It increases the Sweepstakers chances of winning drastically, plus puts hundreds of sweepstakes at his or her fingertips. And it sees the company's name every day they run it. Imagine your company being the one that the Sweepstaker sees every day.

Sweepstakes Ninja is beneficial to any company running a sweepstakes.

The goal of pretty much any company offering Sweepstakes, is to raise their own profile, and spread the word about their company through something called 'word of mouth advertising'. They hope that, by offering sweepstakes prizes, that the amount of money spent in advertising will be returned back to them in terms of goodwill, future sales, and people telling other people about the great prizes they won. Not only does Sweepstakes Ninja clearly list each and every single company in the "Ninja Sweepstakes" and "Your Submissions" section (so people remember the great companies that are offering these prizes), but when someone does win, Sweepstakes Ninja publicly thanks the sponsors and encourages winners to tell family and friends about the great sweepstakes prizes they've won. Sweepstakes Ninja does this through its online forums, through it's newsletters, through arrangements with other Sweepstaking sites, social marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, other media outlets, and so forth.

So literally -- when someone wins a prize from a company through Sweepstakes Ninja, thousands of people know about it, and thousands of people talk about it. They know about the company that offered the prize and they actively tell other people about it.

Companies/Sponosors/Sweepstakes sites love this, especially the free promotion, goodwill, and word of mouth advertising they are getting. So when a Sweepstaker wins an amazing prize, Sweepstakes Ninja does whatever it can to promote the company as a way of saying thanks, and encouraging them to offer more prizes in the future. This is in the spirit of the original reason as to why they offered the Sweepstakes in the first place, and is part of the reason why Sweepstakes Ninja is successful.

So you get massive benefit in terms of: media exposure, good will, recognition of your brand name, and more!

(b) How does Sweepstakes Ninja work with companies to prevent spam? There are a number of services that offer "automatic" entries, but get disqualified. Most of these "other" services get disqualified because they don't follow the rules that the sponsors/companies create, and/or the 'spam' the sweepstakes sites with entries.

  • Sweepstakes Ninja enters according to frequencies specified by companies, thus working with you. Sweepstakes Ninja enters sweepstakes according to the frequency specified by the company. So for example, if it is a daily entry, it will only allow you enter once per day. Sweepstakes companies love this.

  • Sweepstakes Ninja also enters from the users computer, and the users IP address. Sweepstakes Companies love this. "Other" services "spam" entries by sending hundreds, or even thousands of different users from the same IP address. Sponsors realize that these users have no idea what Sweepstakes they are entering. With Sweepstakes Ninja, the Sweepstaker knows every single sweepstakes site they are entering because it is clearly listed, and because they can watch it being entered. So the companies get the recognition for offering the Sweepstakes prizes. The sweepstaker also chooses which prizes he or she is interested in, so sponsors get qualified leads and know that an individual is entering a sweepstakes, as opposed to a 3rd party service 'spamming' them.

  • Sweepstakes Ninja visits every single site in its database that you choose to submit to. Sweepstakes Companies love this. You can even press the "F2" key to see Sweepstakes Ninja in action, when it is submitting your entries. Other services do not offer you this. Other services 'hide' what they are submitting to. With Sweepstakes Ninja, you can see this.

  • You get to choose whether or not you want to receive Sweepstakes Sponsor Newsletters. Other services don't offer you this. Sweepstakes Ninja does. As well, when a sponsor sends you a newsletter, it is one way of them being able to provide great sweepstakes for you, in return for a little bit of time to see what product(s) or service(s) they offer.

Bottom line, Sweepstakes Ninja has been designed with both the Sweepstaker & Sweepstakes Company (you) in mind, so it is beneficial to both. It is a 'win-win' situation.

This sounds great. So how do I get my sweepstakes and company name listed in Sweepstakes Ninja?

To be included within the software, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • You have a prize, or multiple prizes, (physical products) that are being offered.
  • For smaller sweepstakes, it should be a 'regular' drawing. (I.e., such as a monthly draw). For larger sweepstakes, (i.e., trips, vacations, electronics over $500, etc) it is acceptable if it is a one-time sweepstakes.
  • Ideally it should be a 'daily/weekly/monthly' entry. This means that users can enter your sweepstakes more than once, and each entry counts as a 'ballot'. This helps you with branding. If you wish for it to only be a 'one-time' sweepstakes, we may make a special exception depending on the type of sweepstakes you are offering.
  • The Sweepstakes must be open to USA citizens. It is acceptable if it is open elsewhere (i.e., Canada, Australia, the U.K.), but at the very least must be open to USA citizens.
  • You should have an existing sweepstakes entry form set up, and/or a form for capturing leads, complete with sweepstakes rules. If you need a sweepstakes site created for you, we may be able to refer you to a company that specializes in those types of promotions.

Please note: We do review each and every submission, to prevent spam-type entries, and make sure that only reputable companies are listed. 


So how do I get started?

Contact us with your marketing goals, budget, and prizes you are willing to offer, using the 'Sweepstakes Ninja' contact form, and someone will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

Click here to Contact Us Now!

If you would like to run a larger promotion, we do have other types of promotions available. These include, but are not limited to, newsletter marketing, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, article marketing, giveaway marketing, review marketing, SEO marketing, video marketing, social/media marketing, and so forth. If you would like to run a larger promotion, please contact us with the details/goals of your campaign, your budget, and a representative will be in touch within 1-2 business days.