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I won using ninja! I am new and have just started using ninja. Thank you.

- Daniel H., California

Just received my first prize. I won a set of Le Crueset stoneware worth about $350 after using the Ninja for less than 2 months. That prize alone more than paid for the annual membership. Thanks for the fun and the opportunity to win

- Hugh R., North Carolina

Thanks for a fantastic job!! Used your program for few days and loved it!

- Yelena S., Florida

With Ninja, WOW! It was so simple to use, probably took only a few minutes from the start of the download until I was ready to start entering online sweepstakes. Truly a great program and simple enough for anyone to set up. I am enjoying this program and just waiting for the winning to begin!!

- Mollie G., Michigan

It is great and makes it easy to enter online contests, I highly recommend Sweepstakes Ninja! =)... I have already recommended and sent the link out to family and friends...Love it, Love it , Love it !!!!!

- Rebecca H., Ohio

Two weeks ago I was the Grand Prize Winner of the KnookTM Now Giveaway! I won a white 16GB Apple iPad2 with Wi-Fi capability, one Knook Beginner Set, and six Knook Books...You're the best!

- Rich P., Pennsylvania

Thanks for the information that's in your exclusive Sweepstakes Ninja newsletters! It is sooo useful! It really helps me increase my wins! Entering Online Sweepstakes has never been easier!

- Terry M., Washington

Two days ago I was an instant winner and won a free download on how to play better blackjack. Sweepstakes Ninja is truly the best!

- Karen K., Florida

...this (is a) great program! I used to sweep for years (lots of snail mail) and won some very nice itemsI thought I had it made when I discovered keyboard express and Robo Form but your program is what the Kids call "the bomb". I'm retired now and what a great way to spend my extra time.

- Linda D., Montana

And many more...!